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Even coaches need coaching sometimes. So I called on Carol Stewart to help me get through a crisis and that’s exactly what she did. I emerged feeling empowered; gone were the limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a cycle of negative thinking and gone from my life was the source of the crisis. I regained my sense of self, my confidence and a renewed determination to get support from those who value and accept me just as I am. Thanks Carol, for your skilful questioning (which gave me a much needed reality check), your well timed pacing and your amazing ability to help me make some difficult decisions that have moved me on. Claudia Crawley (Winning Pathways Coaching)


I have known Carol for over 2 years and she is an amazing coach. Her passion for her craft and her commitment to constant learning is evident in every coaching session. She gives the very best to every one of her clients and is a truly dedicated professional.

Carol is also one of the most generous entrepreneurs I know. She is absolutely passionate about helping women become more confident and take that next best step, whether that’s climbing up the corporate ladder into a dream job or having the confidence to branch out and set-up a new business. Anyone who is coached by Carol is extremely lucky and will have a life-changing experience.  Carole Bozkurt (The Blueprint Practice)


I had the pleasure of speaking with Carol, the other day and it was simply wonderful. Carol is a great coach and is extremely experienced in helping 'you' think about what it is that you hope to achieve in life and most importantly in your career. She truly helps you reach the ''the aha moment'' moment and helps you believe in your potential of achieving your dreams. I highly recommend Carol's services as you will not be disappointed.  Chintu Suela, Manchester


The coaching inadvertently helped me to re-evaluate my goals and visions and change my direction and priorities.  Through my coaching with Carol I was able to work out that my biggest barrier in reaching my goals was myself and the lack of organisation in my life.  I know now that this is a challenge that I have to work on whatever the goal may be and just how much being disorganised affects all areas of my life.

Carol is calm and clear but persistent in getting me to answer some questions which had me squirming in my seat but had to be addressed.  She used simple questions and techniques to raise my confidence and self esteem.  What helped me to engage with Carol is the fact that she was never pushing for more business from me, she kept in contact in between sessions and she shared contacts and resources with me.  I’m sure I will be back to Carol when I am off on another adventure in life.

Through the coaching I realised that having a coaching practice was not my immediate and most urgent goal and that what was more important to me was how I organised my work and personal life.  Giving this more thought and being boundaried and structured about my time.  My confidence has grown about my coaching abilities and I am clear about the direction I want my future to go.

I also have two coaching clients and a possibly third with very little effort on my part.  Debbie D, London


Prior to the coaching, I was at a very low ebb having been quite badly bullied and having a low resilience level. I also had significant relationship issues with my manager.

What I liked was your approach to listening, playing back, challenging my perceptions (which were not actually reality) and providing tools and options for me to consider using as I move forward.

Through the coaching support and moving to a more positive environment I have regained my positivity and also now have the tools to help me as I move forward.  xxxx, London


Prior to the coaching, the challenge I was faced with was my confidence, I knew I wanted a change in my life and career but I did not believe in myself to start making the change.  I was frustrated with myself, I knew I was capable but I still was stuck, in my career I was no longer enjoying my job.

What I liked about your coaching style was that I did things for myself, I could start now to plan a different future.  I even considered blogging as a career, something I would never in a million years thought I could do.

I now have a can do attitude, my personal life is flourishing, I am happy with myself.  Sharon Magume, Birmingham


"It has been a very rewarding experience to have engaged Abounding Solutions coaching service. Carol provided excellent support and guidance as I considered which direction to take at a particular juncture in my career.

I became a self-employed sole practitioner after having been made redundant in 2010. Three years later, with my workload diminishing, I was presented with an opportunity to apply for a full time job similar to the role I had previously been made redundant from.

Immediately, I realised the impact of having been made redundant three years earlier upon my confidence, on one hand to make an application for the post, and on the other, that this level of self-doubt was also impacting upon my ability to grow my own professional practice.

Through Carol’s astute mind for business, I am now working with a clear direction for my own practice, with confidence in the value of my skills and services. Furthermore, Carols unique coaching skills, has equipped me with a reorganised and everlasting mind set to overcome peaks and troughs in confidence, which had previously prohibited me from fully enjoying my work.

Carol has been extremely enjoyable to work with, and I have found her assistance invaluable." Catherine Thompson of Catherine Thompson Consultancy, Wales,


“I enjoyed the many coaching sessions we had, and can honestly say that those weekly sessions helped me a great deal. It gave me a clear view of what I wanted and needed in my life and what to get rid of. The sessions also gave me the strength and wisdom in dealing with an uncomfortable situation I had in my workplace. I learnt to acquire patience, when making changes and differences in one’s lifestyle and that it does sometimes takes a considerable amount of time. Not all changes I required could be made immediately overnight. The great thing was that all the answers to my doubts, questions, fears etc were already within me. Your techniques used in the sessions helped me to find and bring the answers to the surface. I would like to thank you again for that. My life is now getting back on track and I now make regular reviews on myself to ascertain that I still want to go in the direction that I have chosen. I would recommend Carol’s coaching programmes to everyone”.  Cheryl McQueen, London


"Carol is not only a truly gifted Career coach, but she is a visionary. She was able to steer me through years of self-doubt and into achieving my dreams and making them into a reality. She is a reliable source of motivation and a fountain of knowledge."  - Angene Wilson - Biology Teacher


 "As a career and business coach ,Carol is committed to the development of her clients. She enables you to dig deep in order to gain clarity to move from where you are , to where you what to be. Carol is consistent, reliable and makes it her business to ensure you achieve your highest potential. She definitely delivers.  Fantastic work !"- Victoria Griffiths,  Empowerment Specialist, Personal Development Coach, Consultant & Mentor at Motivation to Inspire


 "Inspirational, pro-active, determined and open minded. Carol is a forward thinking person with an acute focus on problem solving and helping people to look beyond their current circumstance and aim for realistic success." - Keeley Taverner, Human Potential Expert


 "Carol is a great public speaker - very engaging, authentic, insightful and funny. She gave an inspirational talk for my group of coaches "Practical and Business Skills for Coachpreneurs" (, and received a very positive and warm feedback from the audience of 23 people. I would definitely recommend her as an expert speaker with a special expertise in coaching and career development." - Evgenia Galynskaya, Talent Transition Expert for Doctors

Stepping out in Confidence Workshop: 

"What I have learnt from this workshop will help me to prepare myself for interviews so that I am more confident at interviews in the future."

"The aspect I found most useful was talking about how my thinking affects my outcomes and learning how to think more positively."

Embracing Career Change Workshop: 

"The aspect of the workshop I found most interesting and useful was learning how to overcome my fears."

"The group exercises were excellent."

"The workshop gave me a realisation that there are options. It was an opportunity to speak to others in a similar situation and an opportunity for me to consider other ideas. It gave me a realisation that I am some distance away from my values in my current field but I must and will continue to progress towards something more meaningful to me. "

"I found the workshop thought provoking. I found it useful being with others in a similar position, hearing their input and getting a fresh insight"

"The aspects of the workshop that I found most useful were learning how to organise myself, how to motivate myself and sharing experiences"

London Borough of Lambeth Employee:

"The coaching session was excellent Carol was brilliant and this should be something Lambeth takes on a regular basis, I am so glad that I attended."



"“A consummate professional who harnessed her abilities to assist me when I was struggling with the final phase of my business start-up.

Carol showed more than a professional interest in my business needs and I attribute her with propelling me forward when I was losing momentum. As a bit of a sceptic Carol convinced me of the transformative powers of good coaching.”


"Hi Carol,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the coaching session- it was really helpful and has definitely improved my confidence at work. It has also encouraged me to update my CV and to continue to apply for more jobs. If any of my friends need any coaching I will give them your details!

Hope that you have a good weekend.

Many thanks,


"Just wanted to say thanks for the session on Tuesday, it has helped a bit so far.  I have  carried out some of my actions and I am already starting to feel more motivated."  Kathy came for coaching because she wanted to go for promotion but needed to be more organised in order to complete certain tasks that would help her to secure this.


"I had been doing my job for a number of years and recently decided I would like to progress within my organisation.  I had never applied for a postion in a senior role before and felt a bit daunted about the application process.  After a few coaching sessions with Carol, I was confident to put together a job application that resulted in my being shortlisted to attend an assessment centre and interview."


"You're GREAT!

I love you even more than yesterday.

I'm 'scared' but fired. You've found your groove - SUCCESS IS A CERTAINTY!!!!!"   Janice came for coaching when she was starting up a new business and needed direction about how to go about doing this.

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