Do you find that you have a lot of female employees at junior levels but that there is a distinct lack at senior level?


Do you find that once your female employees reach a certain level in the organisation they leave, taking with them a wealth of knowledge or experience?


Do you want to develop the talent pipeline of female employees in your organisation so that you have a balanced gender mix at senior level, allowing for a rich blend of skills, talent and innovative leadership?


Abounding Solutions offers a range of services that enable women to be courageous, yet authentic, in their career aspirations.


The one to one coaching, group workshops, webinars and keynote talks enable women to examine the fears that hold them back; to identify and overcome self limiting beliefs; develop the resilience to embrace change and to be confident and bold with the decisions they make.


Who is this for?

These programmes are for women at all stages of their career. Whether they are starting out and having to make decisions about their career path that fill them with fear. Whether they are returning from maternity leave/career breaks and are fearful and feeling guilty about returning to work. Whether they are feeling pressured by ‘society’ that they can have it all and must climb the corporate ladder whilst having a family but deep down they do not want a senior position.

Whether they aspire to an Executive role but their self limiting beliefs hold them back. Whether they are in a senior role and lack confidence or are leading in a way that is not authentic to them. Or whether they are nearing the end of their career and are fearful about the choices they have to make.


Services available

• Personal Development and Soft Skills
• Career Development
• Leadership Development
• Executive Coaching
• Maternity Coaching
• Redundancy Coaching
• Retirement Coaching

Email carol@aboundingsolutions to discuss your needs and to get further information.

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Client list includes:

Department of Health

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland Focused Women's Network

London Borough of Croydon

London Borough of Waltham Forest

London Borough of Lambeth

London Borough of Greenwich

Westminster City Council

Women in Gaming

Family Mosaic

Women's Engineering Society

National Black Women's Network




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